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By The Reno Dispatch Guest Blogger Martin C. Winer

One of the most devastating diagnoses a patient can receive
is cancer, which can sometimes mean years of chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery affecting the patient’s quality of life. As a result, patients often look to the Internet hoping to find an alternative that will restore their health with greater speed and fewer side effects.  
A simple Internet search produces a plethora of results with great promises but little backing research. Separating the silver from the dross often requires a graduate degree, so typically, the patient, in frustration, brings a ream of printouts to his or her oncologist, who usually hasn’t heard of half of the remedies or at best rolls his or her eyes at them. 
Dichloroacetate Acid (DCA) is one of these remedies. 
DCA’s anti-cancer properties were discovered in 2007 by Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta. In experiments on rats, Michelakis showed that DCA demonstrated dramatic action against a wide variety of cancers. He experienced a “eureka moment” when he saw that tumors of various types had been dramatically reduced over the course of a few short weeks.  
Moreover, DCA showed very minimal disruption to healthy cells. “This is the so-called Holy Grail of cancer treatment,” remarked Michelakis at the time. But Michelakis, along with a host of other medical professionals, warned patients against self-medicating despite a spate of nascent websites offering the product. 
In medical research the gold standard of acceptability of a treatment is a phase III clinical trial. There is only one problem: DCA is not patentable. It has already been used at least since the 1970’s in the treatment of a rare metabolic disorder and is generally well tolerated. Moreover, the chemical is simple and dirt cheap.  
Michelakis appealed to the private sector and the Canadian Government and secured $1.5 million dollars in financing to conduct a phase II trial to demonstrate that DCA could work in humans the same way it worked in mice. However, the trial could only point to five patients, two of whom responded to DCA alone. It established that DCA does work in humans (and not only rats), but was hardly definitive proof.
In another approach, Dr Akbar Khan, Medical Director of Medicor Cancer Centres, decided to prescribe DCA ‘off label’ in cancer patients. ‘Off label’ prescribing is a common practice which allows doctors to prescribe drugs for uses for which it wasn’t originally approved. In so doing, Medicor amassed considerable data and published its results online.

In summary, Medicor demonstrated a 60 percent response rate to DCA where response is defined to be a reduction in tumor markers, decrease in pain, size reduction, etc. Khan points out that this 60 percent response rate is in a population of  “very sick people who came to Medicor often as a last resort after mainstream oncology had failed them.”  
Medicor continues to publishes other journal articles as results become available.
The Hippocratic Oath, the core guidance to a physician’s conduct, states famously: “Do no harm.” In the case of DCA, perhaps the Hippocratic Oath has to be interpreted differently. It is possible to do harm by inaction. In the case of a patient suffering with cancer who is presented with the possibility of an agent like DCA, which has few side effects, perhaps doctors ought to consider that they may be doing harm to their patients by blocking access to this medicine.
The side effects of DCA are much milder than most standard chemotherapy agents. The most notable effect is peripheral neuropathy – a tingling of the extremities – which is dose dependent and reversible upon completion of treatment. Balancing reward against this risk, DCA is a novel approach to cancer treatment. It heals cells such that they can heal themselves. 
In most healthy cells, the cell itself can detect that it is in a cancerous state and undergoes ‘apoptosis,’ which is cellular suicide, avoiding the cancer. In some cancers, this mechanism is derailed. DCA repairs this mechanism, allowing the body to heal itself naturally without the sometimes horrific side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, which can cause cancer themselves.
Since DCA isn’t accepted by most oncologists, what is a patient to do? One must seek a doctor who will administer DCA and monitor the patient for side effects and progress. Self-medicating, especially in the case of cancer, is ill advised. Medicor Cancer Centres - based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - is the only clinic this author has encountered which treats patients worldwide and in coordination with the patient’s oncologist if desired.  
Medicor also has a naturopath on staff that can suggest safe, alternative supplements which can mitigate side effects and increase the general well-being of patients during treatment. 
I support Medicor's efforts. Why? Search the Internet for a similar service: medically supervised administration of DCA, open disclosure of results, no hype. In fact, it is to my knowledge, the only way to get medically supervised DCA. I’m sure there are super private medical clinics but that does little for the general public.
The most important component of a successful treatment plan for cancer is an informed patient. It’s important to develop a relationship of trust and exchange with your health care provider. It’s vital not to dismiss traditional approaches outright because they very well may save your life. Indeed, it seems that DCA works very well as an adjuvant therapy alongside traditional chemotherapy.  
On the other hand, if your oncologist dismisses you out of hand when you discuss DCA with him or her simply as a result of entrenched dogma, perhaps you should continue your search for another doctor.

Martin Winer, who holds a B.Sc. in biology and has been actively researching DCA and cancer for many years, is currently researching a possible synergy between DCA and Avemar, another natural and milder cancer treatment. For more information visit www.martincwiner.com/dca.


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    1. What will happen to cancer cells if DCA and Niclosamide are combined ?

      What is the over the counter drug Niclosamide ?

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Niclosamide, sold under the trade name Niclocide among others, is a medication used to treat tapeworm infestations.[2] This includes diphyllobothriasis, hymenolepiasis, and taeniasis.[2] It is not effective against other worms such as pinworms or roundworms.[3] It is taken by mouth.

      Why Read these google links about Niclosamide and cancer treatment?

      Niclosamide induces mitochondria fragmentation and promotes both ...
      by SJ Park - ‎2011 - ‎Cited by 31 - ‎Related articles
      BMB Rep. 2011 Aug;44(8):517-22. Niclosamide induces mitochondria fragmentation and promotes both apoptotic and autophagic cell death. Park SJ(1), Shin ...
      Effect of mitochondrial uncouplers niclosamide ethanolamine (NEN ...
      https://www.nature.com › cell death & disease › articles
      by A Alasadi - ‎2018 - ‎Related articles
      Feb 13, 2018 - We tested two safe mitochondrial uncouplers, NEN (niclosamide ethanolamine) and oxyclozanide, on their metabolic effects and anti-cancer ...

      Niclosamide ethanolamine–induced mild mitochondrial uncoupling ...
      https://www.nature.com › nature medicine › articles
      by H Tao - ‎2014 - ‎Cited by 81 - ‎Related articles
      Oct 5, 2014 - The challenge, however, is to discover safe mitochondrial uncouplers for practical use. Niclosamide is an anthelmintic drug approved by the US

      Effect of mitochondrial uncouplers niclosamide ethanolamine (NEN) and oxyclozanide on hepatic metastasis of colon cancer


      Published: 13 February 2018

      Metabolism of cancer cells is characterized by aerobic glycolysis, or the Warburg effect. Aerobic glycolysis reduces pyruvate flux into mitochondria, preventing a complete oxidation of glucose and shunting glucose to anabolic pathways essential for cell proliferation. Here we tested a new strategy, mitochondrial uncoupling, for its potential of antagonizing the anabolic effect of aerobic glycolysis and for its potential anticancer activities. Mitochondrial uncoupling is a process that facilitates proton influx across the mitochondrial inner membrane without generating ATP, stimulating a futile cycle of acetyl- CoA oxidation. We tested two safe mitochondrial uncouplers, NEN (niclosamide ethanolamine) and oxyclozanide, on their metabolic effects and anti-cancer activities. We used metabolomic NMR to examine the effect of mitochondrial uncoupling on glucose metabolism in colon cancer MC38 cells. We further tested the anti-cancer effect of NEN and oxyclozanide in cultured cell models, APCmin/+ mouse model, and a metastatic colon cancer mouse model. Using a metabolomic NMR approach, we demonstrated that mitochondrial uncoupling promotes pyruvate influx to mitochondria and reduces various anabolic pathway activities. Moreover, mitochondrial uncoupling inhibits cell proliferation and reduces clonogenicity of cultured colon cancer cells. Furthermore, oral treatment with mitochondrial uncouplers reduces intestinal polyp formation in APCmin/+ mice, and diminishes hepatic metastasis of colon cancer cells transplanted intrasplenically. Our data highlight a unique approach for targeting cancer cell metabolism for cancer prevention and treatment, identified two prototype compounds, and shed light on the anti-cancer mechanism of niclosamide.

      Notice Niclosamide powder can be purchased for ( as animal medication) relatively cheap for about $100 USD plus postage in China at Alibaba.com type in Niclosamide powder, I add one teaspoon ( about 3 grams ) a day in a cold liquid with one teaspoon of DCA ? I don't know if it works but I am getting a CT scan on August 23rd 2018. my Name is Daniel Izzo

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  2. I do not know the answer to that, Gene, but will try to find out for you!

  3. http://www.thedcasite.com/dca_birth_defects.html

  4. I loved all of your article but AVAMAR is another story. I do not recomend dealing with them. I paid them alot of money to ship on ice, they ended up not shipoping on ice, not refunding my money, and even sending me a second damaged package (by heat) I did not order. Charging me nearly 400 USD DO NOT USE. Also Molybednun(sp) is NOT a good idea if you have breast cancer. Read on PubMed. I believe Quercetin is a better choice for cost, ethics (the avamar co in canada and usa).With all due respect, and I LOVE your articles about dca, please check the synergy of quercetin and DCA. Or at least products than can be purchased from a reputable ethical company.

    1. I tried to use Avamar as well, got zero benefit from it.

  5. Do you know of any Drs in the US that will prescibe DCA? Ive been declined by 3, yelled at, told it was illegal etc. So, I am a renigade user. I cannot afford to use Medicor, altho their prices arent high. I am however still alive! I take r alpha limpoic acid and B1 with my DCA. Not too many side effects and none that do not go away.

  6. Do you mean Avemar? I;m very sorry to hear about your experience. Also, I don;t know of any doctors in the US that support DCA but I am told there is an increasing number of them who do prescribe it off label. I wish I could help you find one.

  7. Dear "LadyJane",
    Aveultra, Oncomar, Oncomar Capsules are brand-names of the same proprietary fermented wheat germ freeze-dried extract (Avemar), developed by Mate Hidvegi PhD during the 1990's. In Europe, the extract has been approved by health authorities as "dietary food, for special medical purpose, for patients suffering from cancer". In the US, it has gained self-affirmatory GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, and is marketed as dietary supplement.

    Currently, Avemar freeze-dried extract is solely manufactured in the United States and in Germany. Please, note that Aveultra, Oncomar, Oncomar Capsules are the only Avemar-products manufactured under the supervision of Dr. Hidvegi, strictly following his instructions. In Europe, the product is sold under the brand name Oncomar.

    Dr. Hidvegi, the inventor of Avemar, only recommends the freeze-dried Avemar formulas, which have to be shipped on ice.

    In North America, the original and authentic Avemar product, Aveultra is available through the Harmony Company / American BioSciences Inc., Blauvelt, NY. Customers may order it through the company's web site or via telephone: www.theharmonycompany.com or 1-800-422-5517.

    1. I interviewed Hidvegi personally, and tried Avamar, which he sent to me directly. A nice man, but it did nothing for me. But I don;t suggest it won't work for anyone. Just didn;t do anything for me. Nada...

  8. It was pleasant to read this article for you who have known what is the DCA all about. It was nice blog. Thank you for sharing!

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  9. Sounds interesting, but I feel that if something really worked, we would be reading blogs and see people posting online about it all the time. Don't you think?!!

    1. I took DCA and it's on my MySpace site and Facebook. I was stage 4e mantle cell lymphoma, prognosis of six months. It's been DCA and I'm in my 8th year!

    2. Ninth year, doing great! Stronger and better than last year!

    3. Hi Judy, please contact me at jreno@san.rr.com. Thanks.

    4. Hi Judy,
      Happy to hear you're doing so well! If you can contact me at gcz25@outlook.com.
      MUch appreciated.

  10. This seems interesting. I'll be sure to discuss this with my doctor and see what his opinion about DCA. From there, I'll check whether I'll be in his care for the rest of my Mom's holistic treatments for cancer.

    1. your doctor isn't likely to have heard of it, and if he has, he is likely to tell you not to do it because it is not patented by a drug company. it's simple economics.

  11. Please correct paragraph 3. It is dichloroACETATE not dichlorACETIC acid. That later (acetic) is a deadly poison. DCA for cancer treatment is dichloroacetate. Note that wikipedia also makes this same mistake. Rewatch the video on winer's site and google this if need be. You are pointing people in the wrong direction.

    1. Thank you Jamie. Re-reading my statement I may have sounded rude. That certainly was not my intent, my deepest apologies if that is how it was received. I appreciate you taking the time to make the correction.

  12. In 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 4e mantle cell lymphoma, non-hogekins. It was overwhelming to be told I had a prognosis of six months with or without chemo. It's a long story how I found dca, but I studied medical and science sites about my cancer, down to the molecular level. I was convinced the orphaned drug creisine (dichloroacetate) was my answer. Abbreviated NaDCA, sodium dichloroacetate dissolves in water and is taken orally once a day. For my 150 pound body weight, 1/8 teaspoon in water was all I needed. I took thiamin (vitamin B1, 500 mg. Daily) to help counter effect the slight neuropothy which completely goes away as soon as you discontinue using DCA. It's that simple. DCA has proven through medic or human trials to be harmless to the healthy cells. It's fatal to cancer cells! It reverses the warburg effect so that bad cancer cells realize they are not normal and committee suicide, so the cells die off pretty fast. Dr. Akbar Kahn did human trials at medic or cancer center in Toronto, Canada as well as at the university of Alberta in Edmonton. Go to www.thedcasite for old info from 2007. Check out the medic or cancer center for recent up to the minute info. Dr. Humaira Kahn and Akbar Kahn, as well as others have found that DCA does in fact work. DCA is available today. If your doctor will not appease you by looking into this, find a doctor who will. Chemo makes the doctor $13,000. Per dose, so if your getting rchop or bcnu...chemo, they rake in around $50,000. Per patient! Look around that chemo lab at all the faces, then count how much money that lab is raking in. Compare that to the cost of a sure cure that costs about $100.00 per six months. Get the picture? I spent over $100. In gas to go to the doctor in six months, I cured my cancer with DCA and spent $100. I'm not thrifty, I'm alive which is more than they could offer me!

    1. Could you let me know please where you bought your DCA, in what form and at what price?. My sister in law as a GM Stage IV and I am looking into this compound.
      Please drop me a line to atjakubowski@gmail.com if possible.
      Many Thanks
      Andrew Jakubowski

    2. Puredca.com or pharmadca, both are good.

  13. Hi Judy, thanks for sharing such encouraging news. My mum is diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and DCA is my last hope now. All the conventional and alternative treatments have failed to improve her condition. May i know where and how to get a reliable source for DCA? Thanks!

  14. "The most important component of a successful treatment plan for cancer is an informed patient."

    I 100% agree. Even if a doctor is confident about what his preferred cancer treatment can do his patients, it still best to inform the patient and give them options. I prefer getting treated at a center that doesn't have anything to hide to their patient. I had the privilege of learning about an alternative cancer treatment center that uses both holistic and conventional medicine in their cancer therapy.

  15. Thanks for sharing your awesome news! Specialists in Cancer treatment in India, they do not prescribe this kind of treatment, cause it's patented.

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    1. You are breaking the law, selling drugs online.

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    1. do you have any evidence whatsoever, even anecdotal, that this is indeed a cancer cure? sbow me what you got or i will take this claim down. thanks.

    2. I am proof. Diagnosed Feb 1, 2006 with stage 4e mantle cell lymphoma with a prognosis of 6 to 18 months with or without chemo. I turned to DCA, see www.thedcasite and search the archives for all of my posts and reports. Also, the DCA is an alkalator like vinchristine but DCA does not harm healthy human cells. It reverses the warburg effect in cancer cells so that they, like normal cells, die off naturally instead of continuing to mutate and multiply. See Medic or cancer research clinic, they have successfully treated over 1,500 terminally I'll cancer patients successfully! They have a high cure rate above 90%! Just ignore the rhetoric from people who have a lot to lose from a cure (am. Cancer society, oncologists with no knowledge of DCA, the FDA, pharmaceutical companies) and seek the truth. The human trials done at the university of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, the clinic in Toronto Canada, Dr. Akbat Kahn. Call him! He's at the top of DCA! I am alive today, nine years now, thanks to dichloroacetate! I am proof! I am real! I am on Facebook. My name is Judy Dowell and yes, I was a Guinea pig in 2007 and I am so glad I was!

    3. Judy, someone wants to speak to you about your experience and treatment. please contact me at jreno@san.rr.com

  23. Temodar (temozolomide) stops development of cancer cells, slowing their growth and spread in the body.

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  29. Hi Jamie,
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