Monday, September 11, 2017

Los Angeles Chargers? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Los Angeles Chargers!

With the Los Angeles Chargers about to begin their NFL season this evening, I have a brief message for those of you San Diegans who are still rooting for this team: Please, get a life.

Don't you have any pride?

The young lady in this picture so gets it. She's not having any of this "Los Angeles Chargers" nonsense. The team has no natural following. It's a joke. The NFL cares only about money, not about fans of this sport.

The LA Chargers are a pathetic non-team in a city that doesn't even want them. It's a team without a fan base. That is, other than rejected San Diego fans who really need to get over it.

My fellow San Diegans, I love y'all, but please have some self-respect. Don't love something that left you.

As a diehard fan who didn't miss a San Diego Chargers game since I moved to San Diego 33 years ago, I still care about some of these players. Like Philip Rivers, who is a Hall-of-Fame caliber player and person.

But the team is not my concern any more. They're gone. Good riddance. I hope they lose every game.

It saddens and sickens me that some lost, confused residents of San Diego, America's Finest City, who were rejected, disrespected and abandoned by the Spanos family, the Chargers' smarmy, disingenuous owners, still cheer for a team that is long gone and charging duped fans an obscene amount of money to see them play in a soccer stadium up the road.

What are y'all thinking?

Let me explain something to you folks: being a sports fan is all about loving, supporting and identifying with the city in which your team resides. Got it? A team's entire identity is wrapped up in the place where it plays.

What part of that do some of you not understand?

Los Angeles is our rival city. Capiche? It has been for many years. San Diegans with any sense of hometown pride do not root for Los Angeles teams, especially ones that bailed on us after a 56-year relationship.

Do you think for a second that a Pittsburgh Steelers fan would still root for the Steelers if the team moved to Cleveland and became the Cleveland Steelers? Can you hear me laughing at that notion?

Would a New York Yankees fan still root for the Yankees if the team up and moved to Boston and became the Boston Yankees? Duh. Of course not.

It's the exact same situation here. Los Angles is our rival city. The Chargers left us. Get over it.

Fight for L.A.? No. Never. I fight for San Diego! Dump the Los Angeles Chargers, friends, and put your love, your focus, your energy, your passion, into San Diego State's remaining teams.

Namely, the San Diego State Aztecs. Go to the SDSU-Stanford football game this coming Saturday and support the Aztecs. Scream your head off for the home team. Be a San Diegan. Show some pride. Some character.

Los Angeles Chargers? We don't need no stinkin' Los Angeles Chargers. The Aztecs are our team. The San Diego Padres are our team. The USD Torreros are our team. The San Diego Gulls are our team. The San Diego Sockers are our team. The Serra High School girls' tennis team is our team.

And San Diego is our town.

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