Friday, November 1, 2013

The Reno Dispatch Wins Five Press Club Journalism Awards

There are so many talented journalists in my hometown, San Diego, which boasts one of the largest and finest Press Clubs in the nation. I was honored to be in their company this week and to have won eight San Diego Press Club awards at the club's annual gala.

I proudly won three first place awards for my work at Newsweek Daily Beast, including the top award for investigative reporting for my exclusive on the groundbreaking chemical weapons/Gulf War Illness lawsuit in Texas. It's a troubling story that still has not been resolved. It remains an open court case, and I will continue to stay on top of it.

And it's especially gratifying that the national news blog you are now reading, which I launched just a year ago, garnered five writing awards. My wife Gabriela kept telling me, "Jamie, if you build it (the news blog), they will come." As usual, she was right.

Thanks to all of you for being loyal readers of The Reno Dispatch. As long as you keep reading, I promise you I will keep writing.

Jamie Reno
November 1, 2013




Daily Newspaper or Website – Essay/Commentary/Opinion
"A Deafening Silence: Pope Benedict's Real Legacy"
The Reno Dispatch

Daily Newspaper or Website – Investigative Reporting
"Groundbreaking Gulf War Syndrome Lawsuit: Chemical Warfare's Lingering Fallout"
Newsweek Daily Beast

Daily Newspaper or Website - Business & Financial
"San Diego is Drone Town, USA" 
Newsweek Daily Beast 

Daily Newspaper or Website – Military
"Norman Schwarzkopf's Lionization Ignores a Dark Gulf Legacy"
Newsweek Daily Beast


Daily Newspaper or Website - Breaking News
"Exclusive: Scientists Link Gulf War Illness to Chemicals From U.S. Bombings"
The Reno Dispatch

Daily Newspaper or or Website – Health & Medicine
"America's Favorite Weed Killer Linked to Cancer"
The Reno Dispatch

Daily Newspaper or Website – Multicultural
"Only in America: A Civil Debate With My Muslim Friend"  
The Reno Dispatch

Daily Newspaper or Website – Travel
"Hotel California: The Rock & Roll Legacy of the Golden State's Inns"
The Reno Dispatch

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